ONE MAN'S QUEST TO ERASE POVERTY – ONE PRE-SCHOOL AT A TIME: How a Wild Motorcyclist turned Missionary is Transforming the Future of some of Botswana's Poorest Children • SassyZenGirl Travel

The inspiring story of a Cambridge trained engineer with a passion for motorcycles who moved into the furthest corners of the African bush to bring education to Botswana’s poorest


5-star Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe – Luxury Hotels in Africa – YouTube

Full Article: The Magnificent Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe is among the most famous luxury hotels in…

SOUTH AFRICA – Sunset Safari at Kruger National Park • SassyZenGirl Travel Lifestyle

The final safari was a sunset safari. We started in the late afternoon with the golden glow of the afterward sun. Many elephant herds with babies on this particular trip. ….and a lion who had just completed a gigantic feast – a buffalo! – that’s him in the bushes… more buffalo with the sun slowly […]

NAMIBIA – The Desert Dunes of Sossusvlei (Namib Desert) • SassyZenGirl Travel Lifestyle

Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert counts to this day among the most stunningly beautiful exeperiences in all my travels! It was breathtaking, stunning, magnificent and also incredibly quiet. There is a stillness about the desert – and the Namib in particular. Time just stands still, you can hear the silence – and the colors….. The colors […]